Payment Options

Cowlitz Community Farmers Market is proud to accept a handful of payment options. Read on to learn more about each payment option, how to use it, and the products that apply.


We accept SNAP! To use SNAP, visit the Market Manager at the Homer Bread booth. You'll swipe your SNAP card in exchange for wood tokens and shop the market with tokens.

SNAP may be used for approved food items such as fruit, vegetables, bread, cereal, meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, seeds, and food-producing plants.


Many of our vendors accept WIC & SFMNP checks! These vendors will have a WIC/FMNP sign posted.

Note: change cannot be given on WIC & SFMNP checks.

WIC & SFMNP can't be used to purchase: Eggs, Baked Goods, Honey, Cheese, Juices, Seafood, Meat, Milk, Dried/Preserved Fruits/Vegetables/Herbs, Nuts and Seeds, Potted Plants, Cut Flowers, and Non-food items.


Many vendors opt to accept credit and debit cards at their booths. Please check before shopping as not all of our vendors are able to accept cards at this time.


Good old cash is accepted at all booths at our market! Plan ahead as vendors may not be able to break large bills or accept them due to counterfeit concerns.